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What is suitable for marketing& brand building?

If today is your shops openning,how do you make more customers know and remember you?

   You know firstly make your customers remember by having your contact information right in front of them day after day,but by which products can leave a great lasting impression and let your customers keep it everyday ?

    Your very own customized branded name card usb flash drive can make yourself known each day.Because the name card usb can full printing your image and your contact information. It is in compacted sizes:83x52x2mm ,same as that sizes of credit card.It is easily kept in wallet. And built in 8gb,16gb,why not your client keep it and like it ? name card usb flash drive

 Big corporations know the value of getting their name out in front of customers- now you can do it too.

Pls hurry up to get the name card usb to market and build your brand when your shops openning,company anniversary and festival gifts .

credit card shaped usb for brand building

credit card usb size 83x52x2mmgolden card usb for your promoitonal marketing

 customs usb card


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