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cork usb drift bottle thumb drive 8gb

cork usb drift bottle thumb drive 8gb customs branded images

cork usb drift bottle thumb drive is made of premium glass with cork usb cap.

cork usb drift bottle flash drive glass 8gb

There is highly strategic imprint area from the drift bottle glass to cork usb.Your brand or company name will surely be showcased and will be clearly visible to your clients.

cork usb drift bottle shape thumb drive customs priinted

People carrying these drift bottle thumb drive are practically walking advertisements for your brand and thereby providing your business with a lot of exposure. These are available in a variety of stylish colors to accentuate the design of your choice. Can be an ideal gift or giveaway options for trade fairs, company events, supply stores, cafes, beverage related businesses and novelty shops.

cork usb drift bottle usb flash drive 8gb


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