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Woody bamboo usb flash drive supplier

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  In recent years, more and more people are beginning to strongly concern of environment.


  Now, wood, bamboo usb sticks and accessories have also unveiled.

  Pill-shape usb2.0 pen drive is a creative factories promotions,especially for medicine factories.

  1.Item name:capsule pendrive,bamboo usb drive,bamboo capsule usb

  2.logo sizes: 20mm x 8mm date: 3-5 workday term:UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT

  5.Price: more competitive larger Q.T.Y

  6.warranty: 5 years

  7.logo printing:silkcreen 2-3C logos,also above 3C logos

  8. packing:

  white paper box(free),magnetic plastic box,metallic box,blister packing,customs packing

  Woody Bamboo usb stick is in line with the trend of today's green.The woody bamboo usbstick is fashion with mini volume 67 × 20 × 12 (mm),and the bamboo usb shell has been carefully polished, visual effects and feel are excellent. In addition, with the protection of a bamboo box,the woody bamboo usb sticks is ideal as a gifts for business friends,lovers, toutristers, and etc.


  woody bamboo usb stick features and woody bamboo usb stick price:

  -Natural,and environmentally friendly:

  The woody bamboo usb is made in full compliance with environmental standards in the process, and also absolutely in line with European ROHS standard.

  -Anti-static :

  static electricity easily burn the chip, while wood usb stick can obviously anti-static electrostatic phenomenon.

  -Unique design and creative. :

  The best choice for digital high-end gift business gift



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