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eco USB flash drive with wooden housing

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  Product Specifications:

  Overview: USB flash drive with wooden housing.

  Unique and natural.

  Built-in lanyard.

  Material: authentic wood.

  Compatibility: PC/Mac compatible.

  Data retention: up to 10 years.

  Warranty: 3 years.


  Capacity: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB.

  Interface option: hi-speed USB 2.0, standard USB 1.1.

  Standard color: natural color of wood itself.

  Colors may differ for each piece.

  Data service: preload, AutoRun, non-erasable, custom icon.

  Accessory: driver CD, user manual, USB extension cable.

  slide wood carton for the wood usb housingslide wood carton for eco usb wood

  Packaging: retail box, magnetic box, tin rectangle, tin cylinder, velvet pouch.

  Imprint area: front side, reverse side.

  Front side: 30mm x 19mm.

  Revise side: 30mm x 19mm.

  Imprint option: laser engraving.



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