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micro usb pen blue and white porcelain

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  The micro usb pen blue and white porcelain is very popular as business promotions.

  Because the porcelain pen with following advantage as promotions:

  1)such as jade-like appearance of gentle use of ceramic firing, visual appearance and comfortable feel, together with the way the blue and white sketch map decoration, lifelike reproduction of the essence of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain design.

  2) Blue and white porcelain is not only of our country,China, in the Song Dynasty developed a large number of overseas trade was exports, in the world's people have a good reputation that this section document the pen of pure ceramic firing.

  30 Such pen and signature pen, upholds "the ancient culture, modern product" development philosophy, the history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization into the fashion of modern life, modern interpretation of the visual concept of the new Chinese elements, each product by the master of visual design , with blue and white porcelain based materials, traditional hand-harsh system, unique ideas, Jiangxinduju, set practical, art, appreciation, collection as a whole, the ultimate, luxury with a full noble!


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