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supply newest pull-push usb-plastic usb

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  Hotsale pull-push plastic usb,ABS usb,gifts usb for Mothers' day,company logo usb in plastic

  The pull-push plastic usb is the newest USB 2.0 pen drive in May 2012 .The Pull-push usb with following advantages:

  1. very portable with holder on your pocket,files

  2.The pull-push usb is with pull-push usb cap to kick the lost cap problem out,and fashion appearance

  3.As in plastic,the pen drive can be in different colors,green,yellow,red,dark colors and PMS matching colors.

  4.Have enough space for your logo&promos.

  pull-push plastic usb

  1.Item name:

  Pull-push usb drive,ABS promotional usb,gifts usb for Mothers' day, date: 3-5 workday term:UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT

  4.Price: more competitive larger Q.T.Y

  5.warranty: 5 years

  6.logo printing:silkcreen 2-3C logos,also above 3C logos

  7.packing:white paper box(free),magnetic plastic box,metallic box,blister packing,customs packing

  Wholesale ABS pull-push usb,2012 May's newest ABS USB,Plastic usb:

  -with ABS shelles in PMS matching colors,blue,red,yellow.

  -top-grade chips with 5 years warranty



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